Zerg Build Order: Tefel’s 2/2 3 Base ZvT Roach Hydra Timing

Recently when I was streaming I felt like casting some games so I went ahead and casted a series between Dignitas Tefel and HeroMarine, both really high level European players. Tefel went for a pretty unique opener and style every game in the entire series and made it work everytime – even against masses of Bunkers and Tanks, so I really felt like I had to start playing with this myself. I’ve been using this opener and style myself a lot on ladder lately and would say that I have pretty good success with it, it’s also very simple and less intensive to play than Muta Ling Bane since the focus is just on one timing that should win the game or do devastating damage.

In the series Tefel went for a pool first, which is pretty interesting since no one else on the planet goes pool first in ZvT. I actually had the pleasure of hitting Tefel on ladder and asking why he went for pool first instead of hatch first and he said that it gave a better economy in the long game. Now, I tested it myself and found them to be almost identical and since I’m comfortable with Hatch first I decided to modify the build to suit myself better. I also found Tefel’s version to be slightly too greedy for me, so I made it a tiny bit safer – without affecting the strength of the timing too much of course!

Anyway I hope you learn from the video, here is the Build Order written out for your convenience:

Tefel’s 2/2 3 Base ZvT Roach Hydra Timing (modified by me):

  • 9 Overlord
  • 15 Hatchery
  • 16 Spawning Pool
  • 17 Overlord
  • 19 Double Queen
  • 23 2-6 Zergling
  • 25 Overlord
  • 28 Double Queen
  • 47 Triple Gas
  • 44 Roach Warren
  • 43 Hatchery @ 3rd
  • 52 Double Overlord
  • 52 Double Evo Chamber
  • 3 Roaches for Hellion pressure
  • Double Upgrades after 3 Roaches
  • Lair after upgrades
  • Drone 3rd to max saturation and take gas at 3rd instantly – make sure to keep building Overlords to not get supply blocked
  • Hydra Den, Roach Speed after Lair
  • 2/2 ASAP after 1/1
  • Spam Roach Hydra and hit a crisp 13 minute timing

Also you can find the replay of Tefel over on sc2win here: http://www.sc2win.com/replays/other-events/SC2-Kaspersky-Arena-October-2013-Replaypack-215.html

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