Alright May has concluded. It’s time see if we are getting any closer to making the dream of living off of video games! If you wanna compare to last month, the post is here: How much does a Twitch streamer make? March & April

Time investment

After April being a really bad month for me in terms of streaming due to the WCS trip destroying my consistency and losing a lot of subscribers etc. I was extremely motivated to be consistent and work hard in May. May was the most consistent month I’ve ever had, being on schedule every single day except 2 (One was an unaviodable house inspection, the other was just oversleeping.) Starting the stream at a precise time is great, people always turn up before the stream even starts and being chatting. I turned down a couple of offers to go on other shows or work with other people to be this consistent and I felt like it worked out well. WCS really opened my eyes to how much going off and doing something else can impact my own streaming, so I’m really going to have to think about other shows, events or gigs I accept much more deeply in the future to figure out whether it’s worth it. I ended up streaming 212 hours in May which I think is pretty legit!




Here’s what everyone really wants to see, I guess. Most of these numbers are estimates, because sites tend to calculate pay outs months later but they should be close to accurate. All currency is in USD.

  • Tips: $1619
  • Twitch Subs: $505
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $54
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $10

Total: ~$2188

Twitch Income Graph


Here are the view numbers, followers etc. for Twitch and other social media.

  • Twitch Subs: 202, +47 in May
  • Twitch Followers: 8974, +935 in May
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 200-300~ a
  • YouTube Views: 841642 Total views, +14508 in May
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7546, +40 in May
  • Twitter Followers: 2844, +244 in May

Twitch Subscribers


May was a great month, it was my highest earning month with streaming so far. Nice to have evidence of consistency paying off!

When it comes to stream quality I’m quite happy. Again, there isn’t much I can do to improve the stream quality other than buying a 2nd PC for streaming so that my FPS in games is always really high (H1Z1 struggles a bit because it’s so poorly optimized. I’ll be testing out pushing my bitrate a bit higher in June since everyone seems to be breaking the recommended 3500 bitrate on Twitch nowadays, which gives a bit more freedom. Even so, though difference won’t be huge and I’ll be surprised if people even notice. I’ll mess with 720p 60fps and 1080p 30fps and also my current 720p 40-50 fps… 1080p 60fps is just too much, people start to complain that it lags at that point probably due to their PCs not being good enough, 1080 60 does look great with SC2 however. 1080 60 is awful with H1Z1, the game is just far more demanding on encoding so it ends up looking like blurry poop. I think it’ll come down to 720 40 vs 720 45 – like I said the difference will be minimal.

Once again my YouTube consistency was dire. I’d love to have an excuse here but honestly I’m just lazy I think. After I finish streaming I love to just chill and do whatever. This is something I’ll try and push myself more on in June. I still believe if I work hard with YouTube it will be a massive factor in growth of my streaming aswell.

Even though I streamed a lot of hours in May, I do believe I could stream a bit more so I think I’ll be adding another hour of streaming to my schedule each day. One of the problems is that I did quite a few night streams in May when I felt like it after my normal stream, night streams are pretty bad because all of the viewers from the regular stream left… Adding another hour on means another 25 hours for the entire month meaning I probably won’t night stream as often but everything will be more consistently pieced together.

To improve the stream in June I think the main focuses are making my commentary more entertaining, trying to get the chat involved more to increase conversation and also working on general stream graphics to make things look even cleaner.

One funny thing about May is that I noticed the general viewer population of my stream seeming to enjoy H1Z1: BR more than SC2. Not sure if more people prefer it over SC2, but it definitely feels that way with people always asking me to H1Z1 when I’m playing SC2 and not the other way round. I’ll be sending out a message to my Twitch subs asking about this. Don’t think it will change anything if true, since SC2 will always be opening my stream for the foreseeable future but something interesting to keep in mind.

Once again, May was a fantastic month and I love you guys for all of the support you give me :)

You can check out my June stream schedule right here: Fenner’s June Stream Schedule