The life of the Fennerino

Video Games and Chill.

As early as age three, I’ve been playing video games. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing games like Mario Kart and 007 with my older brother for hours on end – and ever since then, video games have been a major part of my life and the way I connect with the people around me.

As I grew older, my taste in video games developed significantly and I was encouraged to test the waters of various video game genres from RPGs to FPS, MMOs and Platformers, eventually stumbling upon the path to RTS where I was to become securely rooted for a long period of time.

While waiting for some WoW arena games to air during a Blizzcon event, I found myself gravitating towards a game called Brood War. I’d heard of it before, and greatly admired the game for its beauty and complexity, but the idea of becoming involved seemed impossible knowing how late to the game I’d be in comparison to those who’d been playing for so long already, and the multitude of hurdles I’d have to get past in navigating its clunky, out-dated interface.

With the announcement of StarCraft 2, my interests in RTS were reignited; a fresh game with an updated interface provided me with a real chance at getting to know better the intricate world of RTS, and I dove in head first. For six years of my life, I dedicated all of my time, energy and competitive spirit to learning everything I could about RTS and SC2, and to climbing as high up the ranking ladder as possible where I was able to secure a spot in GM for multiple expansions of the game.

All the while, SC2 had also become the foundation of my streaming and YouTube career where I was once again able to share my passion for video games with a larger audience, helping people to connect, learn and enjoy high level, competitive gameplay in a fun and relaxed environment. It was a fantastic six years’ worth of growth and development which helped shape me and the vision that I have for myself today.

My latest intrigue has been with Overwatch. And after six years of RTS, FPS has definitely been a big change. But just as I was prepared to take on new challenges with SC2, I’m equally eager to delve into the world of FPS with this gorgeous team-based shooter which meets my competitive desires and provides me with an opportunity to play on a team rather than flying solo.

My journey with Overwatch has only just begun, but I can’t to wait to see where it will take me, and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you each and every day. I welcome you to join me on my next video gaming chapter!

With love and gratitude,

Daniel Fenner