Hi, I'm Daniel Fenner.

I'm a professional streamer on Twitch.tv, primarily focusing on a game called StarCraft 2. The goal of the stream is to focus on entertainment via gameplay with a relaxed, down to earth atmosphere where people can hang out and chill.

Ever since I could hold a controller I've played video games from Mario Kart with my brother at age 3 to competitive Counter-Strike to World of Warcraft and many games inbetween. I've always loved video games and that brings me to the point where I am today, playing them everyday!

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Under Construction

Hi nerds. My old webhost went poopy and I had to move hosts. There will be a full re-design of the site by ATLEAST the end of November but hopefully earlier so it will be ugly, un-themed and messy up until that point. I guarantee it will be sexy after it’s... read more

Rush distances of the WCS Season 3 2015 ladder maps

It’s a new season on the SC2 ladder which means we have a bunch of new maps to play on. It’s always useful to check the rush distances of the maps to know when you’re going to get rekt by a 9pool or something. Honestly though, this season has nothing... read more


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I create a decent amount of content for YouTube. Replay casts, ladder games, stream highlights and other fun things including games other than SC2. Hit the icon to go there.