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Rush distances of the WCS Season 3 2015 ladder maps

It’s a new season on the SC2 ladder which means we have a bunch of new maps to play on. It’s always useful to check the rush distances of the maps to know when you’re going to get rekt by a 9pool or something. Honestly though, this season has nothing crazy in terms of rush distances. All maps are pretty similar when it comes to rush distances, nothing ridiculously small or ridiculously large. The maps this seasons have more unique architecture then any other season and I’m very interested to see how that comes into play. I played on the new maps all day today and my first impressions are that they’re really enjoyable, every map feels unique yet seem fairly well balanced while bringing new ideas to the table.

Anyway onto the rush distances. All distances were tested with a Drone (2.8125 movement speed.) Lines in the pictures don’t depict the actual path the Drone took since I’m bad at photoshopping and would’ve taken me forever to map it out, so intsead they just show the waypoints with simple blobs and lines.

Bridgehead LE

Bridgehead LE

  • Main to ramp – 6
  • Ramp to ramp – 45
  • Main to main total – 57

Cactus Valley LE


  • Main to ramp – 7
  • Ramp to wall off – 7
  • Wall off to wall off (close positions) – 28
  • Wall off to wall off (cross positions) – 41
  • Main to main total (close positions) – 56
  • Main to main total (cross positions) – 69

Coda LE


  • Main to ramp – 7
  • Ramp to wall off – 5
  • Wall off to wall off – 36
  • Main to main total – 60

Dash and Terminal LE


  • Main to ramp – 7
  • Ramp to wall off – 8
  • Wall off to wall off – 33
  • Wall off to opponent gold – 29
  • Main to main total – 63
  • Main to opponent gold total – 49

Moonlight Madness LE


  • Main to outside ramp – 9
  • Outside ramp to outside wall off – 2
  • Outside wall off to outside wall off – 46
  • Main to main total – 68

Terraform LE


  • Main to ramp – 6
  • Ramp to wall off – 7
  • Wall off to wall off – 36
  • Main to main total – 62

Iron Fortress LE


  • Main to ramp – 9
  • Ramp to wall off – 4
  • Wall off to wall off (close positions) – 33
  • Wall off to wall off (cross positions) – 47
  • Main to main total (close positions) – 59
  • Main to main total (cross positions) – 73

How much does a Twitch streamer make? May 2015

Alright May has concluded. It’s time see if we are getting any closer to making the dream of living off of video games! If you wanna compare to last month, the post is here: How much does a Twitch streamer make? March & April

Time investment

After April being a really bad month for me in terms of streaming due to the WCS trip destroying my consistency and losing a lot of subscribers etc. I was extremely motivated to be consistent and work hard in May. May was the most consistent month I’ve ever had, being on schedule every single day except 2 (One was an unaviodable house inspection, the other was just oversleeping.) Starting the stream at a precise time is great, people always turn up before the stream even starts and being chatting. I turned down a couple of offers to go on other shows or work with other people to be this consistent and I felt like it worked out well. WCS really opened my eyes to how much going off and doing something else can impact my own streaming, so I’m really going to have to think about other shows, events or gigs I accept much more deeply in the future to figure out whether it’s worth it. I ended up streaming 212 hours in May which I think is pretty legit!




Here’s what everyone really wants to see, I guess. Most of these numbers are estimates, because sites tend to calculate pay outs months later but they should be close to accurate. All currency is in USD.

  • Tips: $1619
  • Twitch Subs: $505
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $54
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $10

Total: ~$2188

Twitch Income Graph


Here are the view numbers, followers etc. for Twitch and other social media.

  • Twitch Subs: 202, +47 in May
  • Twitch Followers: 8974, +935 in May
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 200-300~ a
  • YouTube Views: 841642 Total views, +14508 in May
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7546, +40 in May
  • Twitter Followers: 2844, +244 in May

Twitch Subscribers


May was a great month, it was my highest earning month with streaming so far. Nice to have evidence of consistency paying off!

When it comes to stream quality I’m quite happy. Again, there isn’t much I can do to improve the stream quality other than buying a 2nd PC for streaming so that my FPS in games is always really high (H1Z1 struggles a bit because it’s so poorly optimized. I’ll be testing out pushing my bitrate a bit higher in June since everyone seems to be breaking the recommended 3500 bitrate on Twitch nowadays, which gives a bit more freedom. Even so, though difference won’t be huge and I’ll be surprised if people even notice. I’ll mess with 720p 60fps and 1080p 30fps and also my current 720p 40-50 fps… 1080p 60fps is just too much, people start to complain that it lags at that point probably due to their PCs not being good enough, 1080 60 does look great with SC2 however. 1080 60 is awful with H1Z1, the game is just far more demanding on encoding so it ends up looking like blurry poop. I think it’ll come down to 720 40 vs 720 45 – like I said the difference will be minimal.

Once again my YouTube consistency was dire. I’d love to have an excuse here but honestly I’m just lazy I think. After I finish streaming I love to just chill and do whatever. This is something I’ll try and push myself more on in June. I still believe if I work hard with YouTube it will be a massive factor in growth of my streaming aswell.

Even though I streamed a lot of hours in May, I do believe I could stream a bit more so I think I’ll be adding another hour of streaming to my schedule each day. One of the problems is that I did quite a few night streams in May when I felt like it after my normal stream, night streams are pretty bad because all of the viewers from the regular stream left… Adding another hour on means another 25 hours for the entire month meaning I probably won’t night stream as often but everything will be more consistently pieced together.

To improve the stream in June I think the main focuses are making my commentary more entertaining, trying to get the chat involved more to increase conversation and also working on general stream graphics to make things look even cleaner.

One funny thing about May is that I noticed the general viewer population of my stream seeming to enjoy H1Z1: BR more than SC2. Not sure if more people prefer it over SC2, but it definitely feels that way with people always asking me to H1Z1 when I’m playing SC2 and not the other way round. I’ll be sending out a message to my Twitch subs asking about this. Don’t think it will change anything if true, since SC2 will always be opening my stream for the foreseeable future but something interesting to keep in mind.

Once again, May was a fantastic month and I love you guys for all of the support you give me :)

You can check out my June stream schedule right here: Fenner’s June Stream Schedule

How much does a Twitch streamer make? March and April 2015

How much does a Twitch streamer make?

Well, let’s have a look. It’s been 2 months since I posted one of these because things got hectic around the end of March and early April. I got the offer to be on the analyst desk at the World Championship Series for StarCraft 2 near the end of March. Since I barely watched any WCS that season and it was such short notice I had a lot I needed to do. Lots and lots of preparation in watching as many vods of the players as possible in the 5 days that I had and sorting out everything I needed to fly to France. There is no way I could turn down this offer to continue streaming, I was outrageously excited when I received it and instantly accepted.

It hindered my stream massively, though at possibly the worst time ever. I have don’t have the perfect memory of everything that happened in March since it was a while ago now but close to the end of March my stream was growing at a stupendous rate due to Winter (another SC2 streamer) drama. Winter got found out for viewbotting, a bunch of things happened to Winter that meant he was getting less viewers in turn meaning that they were sprinkling down to smaller streamers like myself. People were posting on Reddit etc about my stream in light of the events which gave me incredible amounts of exposure. I think my stream skyrocketed from 100-200 average viewers to 500-1000 average viewers nearing the end of March. Preparing for WCS and going to France stopped that momentum in it’s tracks, I think. Also on top of that Legacy of the Void beta came out when I was travelling. I originally planned to stream LOTV 12 hours a day for the first week from release which combined with the momentum I had at the time I think would’ve been huge.

But alas, I could never turn down that offer. The experience of going to France was amazing!

Without looking at the numbers, April was rough. I got back from France to my real home on the 10th or something, completely exhausted from working non-stop at the event and travelling non-stop for 40 hours after the event after getting no sleep (my mistake, got a lil drunk) Had the biggest problems fixing my sleeping pattern and streaming consistently for almost 2 weeks. I never realized I was so bad at dealing with travel until this trip. So until late April I streamed very inconsistently at abnormal hours, I still streamed a decent amount I think – it just felt so unorganized and was hitting a completely different audience than I normally do (Euros vs Americans). Late April I got my shit together and finally managed to fix my sleeping pattern with the help of sleeping pills and exercise, now going into May my stream is more consistent than ever; but more about that next month. Due to terrible streaming hours, inconsistency, not streaming for almost the first 2 weeks of April etc. my viewer and sub count was down in comparison to the great month I had in March. Momentum and consistency are powerful.

Income (March)

Here’s what everyone really wants to see, I guess. Most of these numbers are estimates, because sites tend to calculate pay outs months later but they should be close to accurate. All currency is in USD.

  • Tips: $1280
  • Twitch Subs: $400
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $73.30 (Not running ads anymore, this is just from pre-rolls)
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $20

Total: ~$1761 (9.15% decrease in comparison to February)

Income (April)

Note that I’m not including anything I might have made from WCS here, as I haven’t asked them if it’s alright to share and I just assume it isn’t.

  • Tips: $556
  • Twitch Subs: $387.5
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $39.30 (Not running ads anymore, this is just from pre-rolls)
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $15

Total: ~$998 (55.3% decrease in comparison to March)

Numbers/Growth (March)

Here are the view numbers, followers etc. for Twitch and other social media.

  • Twitch Subs: 160, +63 in March
  • Twitch Followers: 7837, +1653 in March
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 250~ but going up to 400-500 near the end of March, huge increase!
  • YouTube Views: 803466 Total views, +38123 in March
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7380, +234 in March
  • Twitter Followers: 2100, +102 in March
Numbers/Growth (April)
  • Twitch Subs: 155, -5 in April
  • Twitch Followers: 8039, +202 in April
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 150-250~ far lower than March around Winter drama
  • YouTube Views: 826338 Total views, +22872 in April
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7506, +126 in April
  • Twitter Followers: 2600, +500 in April

These 2 months were messy. April was definitely very very messy and obviously looking at the statistics it was an awful month for me. With that said, I’m honestly not too worried even though the statistics are bad if you take into account the WCS situation it all makes sense. The only thing is, next time I get an offer for an event like that which will take up a lot of time I’ll have to think about it more otherwise it may end up being the death of my goal to be a streamer. March was consistent except for a bunch of days near the end where I was getting ready for WCS. May will be the interesting month, since I’m back being extremely consistent again now.

Slacked with YouTube as pretty much always. However, I experimented with different style of content which gives me more freedom and creativity with editing and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more. I think if I only look to upload 1 video per day I can keep up with it in May. I really need to get this down, having a presence on YouTube is huge – Easy to share content for social media, massive user base on YouTube. My content style for YouTube nowadays is going be more highlight based integrated with whatever fun/creativity i come up while editing, It’s been good so far with the small amount i made!

Stream quality is something im turning myself toward more and more. One of my goals right now is to keep improving the quality of my stream, sometime in March I got a new expensive audio setup which sounds quite delightful. Also a new lighting setup and greenscreen which makes everything look really clean. My video quality is great too, after I updated my PC back in February. One thing I’ve done recently is to stop running ads and also remove sub and donation alerts, I think all of them detract from the quality of the stream. However that does come at a trade of as people are less likely to donate without it, pop ups remind people to donate and also give them a little thrill so it’s something I may bring back at some point if I can figure out a less invasive way to do it (I like how manvsgame does this, he has a setup where popups don’t show until he presses a button, meaning that he can keep them hidden during important gameplay parts and just show them during gameplay downtime.) I’m satisfied with my layout/overlay however have seen a streamer with what I consider a slightly better looking setup so I’ll be working towards that this month, it includes graphic animations so it’s a bit harder to setup. Anything I could do to upgrade the video/audio quality right would be extremely minimal for the amount it would cost and probably not worth it (2nd pc for streaming, more expensive compressor, audio FX.) Which leaves increasing the quality of commentary, so I’ll be criticising myself on that in May if I can. I think as long as I keep improving the quality then people will be more likely to watch and be long term viewers, it may not be the best for making monies by spamming alerts all over the place but I believe it will be better in the long run by providing a more consistently high value stream with a focus on gameplay.

I am LOVING my current schedule I think it’s almost perfect. Could possibly be better for streaming if I started a couple of hours earlier but I enjoy starting at 8am as it allows me to be on a normal time for Australia. 7 hours seems like a great length, don’t get exhausted and it gives me a decent amount of time to be healthy, create YouTube content and have some free time… Or slack on making YouTube content and just stream more ;).

Consistency is key, I do believe if I was consistent with streaming around the time I had that great momentum my stream would be in a far better position than it is right now.

Not too much to say really, I’m quite happy lately. I’ll see you fellas next month for the next instalment of this little blog.

You can check out previous posts in this series here:

How much does a Twitch streamer make? February 2015

Alright February has concluded. It’s time see if we are getting any closer to making the dream of living off of video games! If you wanna compare to last month, the post is here: How much does a Twitch streamer make? January 2015

Time investment

In January I felt as if I put too much time in, pushing myself to exhaustion, not getting enough sleep etc. So I February I tried to take it a bit easier. My goal was to put in 7 hours of streaming everyday on a strict schedule then put in 2 hours of content creation for YouTube. When it came to streaming I hit all of my goals for time investment, was on time everyday and streamed for 7 hours at least.

When it came to YouTube… I slacked massively. I love the freedom and real time feedback you get with streaming, there really is no pressure to create something specific and the people who watch make it much more entertaining due to being able to react in real time.

Putting in less hours in total was meh. It’s really nice to be able to chill but I don’t feel as fulfilled, it just feels like wasted time – even though I’m probably less stressed and maybe slightly happier. Right now I feel incredibly motivated to put in a lot of hours but looking back on January, knowing that it was stressful I don’t want to change up my schedule to force more hours out of myself. I think I’ll stick with the same hours but if I feel like I can do more in my free time then I’ll just go for it, if not then I’ll just chill.




Here’s what everyone really wants to see, I guess. Most of these numbers are estimates, because sites tend to calculate pay outs months later but they should be close to accurate. All currency is in USD.

  • Tips: $1450
  • Twitch Subs: $242.50
  • Casting with Basetrade: $104
  • Showmatch vs Demuslim: $50
  • Casting with Desrow: $40
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $32.30 (I didn’t run ads in Feb, I hate ads. This is just from unavoidable pre-rolls)
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $15

Total: ~$1934 (84.5% increase over January)


Here are the view numbers, followers etc. for Twitch and other social media.

  • Twitch Subs: 97, +11 in February
  • Twitch Followers: 6184, +392 in February
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 150~ again really hard to know because Twitch doesn’t have this stat anywhere, just a guess could be very far off. My viewer numbers for SC2 are way higher than the other games I stream.
  • YouTube Views: 765343 Total views, +12000 in February
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7146, +21 in February
  • Twitter Followers: 1998, +128 in February
  • Facebook Followers: 467, +6 in February

In terms of putting in the time into streaming that I wanted to, February was amazing. However putting time into creating YouTube content and other social media didn’t go so well. I’m honestly not sure exactly what the reason for this is when I’m super motivated to stream other than I just enjoy streaming so much. That is something I definitely need to focus on for March as having a presence on YouTube and other social media is amazing for growth. Growth in general was pretty pathetic and if I’m going to make a living off of this then I definitely need to push for far more growth in the next and upcoming months.

Income from streaming was amazing this month in comparison to last, with an 85% increase. It may have just been a one off month with good tips because the average viewers of the stream was pretty similar. Getting invited to showmatches and casting helped and I’m invited to some more things for March, which is rather nice.

In terms of health (because lack of sleep and stress was a factor last month) This month was pretty great. I socialized more, slept better, ate well, exercised a bit and was less stressed. Sleep is still haunting me, even though I slept better this month due to putting less time in I’m still struggling massively, some nights I roll around for hours and get nowhere… For whatever reason when I get into bed I instantly become wide awake. Thinking about getting sleeping pills to combat the really bad nights but don’t want to get into the routine of taking them regularly obviously. Probably need to ban myself from using my phone in bed, it’s just too irresistible.

As for schedule I’m going to change it up a bit. I have no problem waking up for streaming so I may aswell just make it the first thing I do in the day. Earlier streaming times are also better because there are more people on Twitch in general around that time. Times suck for Australia honestly, the peak time for Twitch is somewhere around 8am Australian time which means ideally the best time to start streaming would be 3-4ish hours before that with a 7 hour stream and as seen in January I struggled with such early times due to sleep issues. I’ll probably start streaming at 8am this month, meaning I can get up at 7:30am, should work out pretty well with my sleep and also cater for EU viewers a tiny bit. I think pushing my stream back 5 hours in Feb definitely brought in lower viewer numbers but that’s just a feeling I have.

When it comes to stream, content or game focus I don’t have full direction. What I know for a fact is that SC2 will always open my stream and I will always create content for SC2. In February I managed to get back to GM which was very satisfying after struggling for months in Masters after moving back to Australia.  I had to focus up a lot and really push myself to get back up to GM which made the game much more enjoyable. Since starting streaming a LOT I kinda gave up on going for heavy improvement because I don’t think being the best player is possible while streaming, I didn’t realize it would make me enjoy the game less. So while I still believe it’s definitely not possible to practice as efficiently as players who are not streaming, I still want to focus more when I play and have some goals for improvement; probably just climbing up higher in GM for now. As for other games It’s weird, there are a lot of games I enjoy and a lot of different ways I could take the stream. I could go full out stream SC2 all day, stream for a couple of hours focused with improvement then make the latter part of the stream learning focused, going over viewers replays or even casting. I could go into casting Heroes as I believe there is space for a caster in Heroes as It’s still fresh and also believe the game will grow massively. I could go down the entertaining route and play games like Arma 3: Battle Royale which a lot of my current viewers love, along with other 1 off games that I think would be exciting. Not sure exactly where I want to take it right now, I’ve been thinking about it a lot but It’s really hard to decide because I’d be happy with all routes, I think. So for now I think I’ll schedule for a couple hours of focused SC2 in the beginning but leave the rest of the day open.

That just about wraps it up, my tentative schedule for March looks like this:

How much does a streamer make? January 2015

So I think one thing that is very hard to get information on in the gaming/twitch/youtube/eSports universe is how much do streamers and gamers actually make? Maybe you wonder how much money that guy on twitch with 200 viewers average makes from streaming all day but you have no idea. I’m here to bring some transparency to this as when I started out it wasn’t easy to come by this sort of information. A lot of people are scared of sharing their financial situation but honestly it has never bothered me, people can judge me how they wish.

So anyway a little about me before I start this blog series. Currently I’m going allin on streaming, gaming etc. I originally started off with the intention of playing SC2 at a professional level, after trying for quite a decent amount of time I realized that I wasn’t improving fast enough to sustain myself with pure gameplay. So I started streaming a bit, streaming brings in a bit of money and allows for sustenance, kinda. The problem is, when you stream and spend time creating content in general you improve at a much slower rate… Pushing the dream of being a player back even further. For me there is honestly no reason to attempt to play competitively unless my goal is to be the absolute best. If I’m streaming, creating content etc. I do not believe that it’s possible to be the absolute best. Why? Because the current absolute best are not streaming, pretty simple. The mountain to climb is just too big – trying to catch up with the best players while having less efficient practice by them.

The first 2 months at the ROOT house I spent really trying to improve. Around MLG Anaheim time I hit somewhere around rank 30 GM NA. Now while this was a big achievement for me and I was loving the improvement I was getting, I knew that once I got back to Australia (4 months from that time, as my visa would run out) I would actually need money to move out and pay for things. It’s around that time I started streaming more to try and get a bit of an income going. At this point I wasn’t going “Full streamer mode” as Redbull Detroit was coming up which was 1-2 months after that. After a disappointing result at Redbull Detroit (ro32, knocked out by HyuN) I went emo for a week questioning things and decided that it’s just not possible to be the best while streaming. I had to pick: Player or Streamer/Content producer if I wanted to have my entire life engulfed by gaming/eSports, and I did, because I fucking love it. So I decided to go full streamer mode the last 2-3 months at the ROOT house and realized that I could actually (JUST) make enough for the most minimal of living standards.

Now I’m back in Australia and the next couple of months are going to be a test to see whether I can commit my entire life to gaming. I’ve moved 12 hours across the country away from my family to get a good internet connection, living with another streamer at one of the few places with good internet in Australia. I thought it would be great to share my attempt at trying to achieve this crazy dream of mine as I’m sure there are others out there that have thought the same but they’re not quite sure. This will be the first month I’ll be sharing my income, growth, strategy and mistakes I make along the way.

Note that before now I’ve already put a lot of time into gaming and streaming over the past 2-3 years, so I already have a bit of a following so if you are just starting out yourself you will have an even longer road to travel than myself. Alright without further ado, here we go!

Time investment

I pre-planned a schedule that I thought would be great for January, with the intention of changing it in February after I realized the flaws it contained. My schedule for everyday was as follows:

  • 04:30-05:00 Wakeup, gym, breakfast, shower
  • 06:30 Stream for 9 hours (6 Hours of SC2, 3 hours of another game (Heroes, Arma 3, whatever I enjoy) to branch out further and reach a wider audience)
  • 15:30 Dinner/small break
  • 17:00 Create YouTube content then if there is any free time before 21:00 (Bed time) do something fun

I know that if I want to make a living from doing what I love I HAVE to put in a lot of time, which is why it might seem like a lot. And honestly, this schedule was a bit too much, I thought I could push it with my passion but it was a bit rough. I managed to get in the 9 hours of streaming everyday I was at home (Had to go back to see family for 7-10 days) but after the 9 hours of streaming I felt completely exhausted and slacked heavily on creating YouTube content for the 2nd half of the month. This schedule left me with basically 0 time to talk to friends or basically do anything else. It also destroyed my sleep, through this month I was running on average 4-6 hours sleep because when I did create YouTube content it took a lot longer than expected and pushed past my bedtime, also since it’s a very early bedtime my housemates were awake and even though they tried to be fairly quiet it turns out I can’t sleep without complete silence. So obviously I need to make some adjustments to this schedule which I haven’t completely thought through yet. It’s difficult to do so without screwing over EU viewers (Which is why I sleep so early and wake up so early mostly) and still feeling like I’m putting in enough time to make a living from this.




Here’s what everyone really wants to see, I guess. Most of these numbers are estimates, because sites tend to calculate pay outs months later but they should be close to accurate.

  • Tips: $716.88
  • Twitch Subs: $212.50
  • Twitch Ad Revenue: $61.92
  • Casting with Basetrade: $44
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $12.49

Total: $1048


I don’t have numbers from previous months but in future months blog posts I will be able to compare to this month. So for this month here are my current numbers:

  • Twitch Subs: 86, not sure how many at the start of the month
  • Twitch Followers: 5792, +1025 in January
  • Twitch Avg Concurrents: 165~ This is hard because Twitch doesn’t actually give the statistic, just a graph. So this number was taken from Fuzic.nl, it could be pretty far off.
  • YouTube Views: 753218 Total views, +21663 in January
  • YouTube Subscribers: 7125, +135 in January
  • Twitter Followers: 1870, not sure how many at start
  • Facebook Followers: 461, not sure how many at start (but honestly barely use facebook anyway)

In terms of putting in the time into streaming that I wanted to, January was amazing. It did however come at the impact of a lot of other things in my life, mostly my health. As I said I slacked on YouTube content in January because I was streaming myself to exhaustion everyday so that definitely needs to change in February. YouTube content can be very valuable especially to other people as a short YouTube video can provide way more entertainment or learning in a much shorter period of time. Things I will be looking to change are: Less time streaming, different schedule for better sleep and deciding where the hell I want to go with Heroes of the Storm (Casting, playing, running tournaments or whatever)

I think that’s about it. Hopefully this gives you more of an idea of how much streamers are actually making or this kinda transparency can help someone out who is going to make the leap into #thedream